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Illeris AS is an indie game studio first established in 2014, currently made up of 4 people. With Hospitalize as our first game, which is still in early development, it is very important for us to take the industry seriously and try to develop the best games we can on a professional level.

Inspired by the good games from the 90s, we have a great passion for simulation and role-playing games and plan to deliver you exactly that. The good old fashioned type where you buy the game once and you own it, not the one where you play for 10 minutes and then need to buy «gems» or whatever to keep playing. We believe games should have a sandbox option and a fast start, but with a long and infinite learning curve, bringing more and more challenges as you progress.

Hospital Game - You are the new administrator | Hospitalize


Hospitalize was first greenlit the 14th of july 2015, making it possible for us to release an early access version on Steam. It was released in September 2016 and gave us the opportunity to communicate with an audience as we’re developing the game, which has been tremendously helpful.

Illeris AS is a norwegian studio, but we strongly believe that it is important with international cooperation to make the best games possible. For our products, we’re dependant on good help from both local and international partners & providers.

But wait... What even is this "Hospitalize" all about?

Hospitalize is all about finding the most effective way to construct and manage a hospital. Build your hospital smart and avoid excess time & resources consumed by traveling and examining your hospitalized patients unnecessarily. 

Staff it and watch your “minions” attempt to navigate through your hospital maze and solve all your patients’ troubles. As the administrator, you really do not need to care much about what your employees keep themselves occupied with on a daily schedule. You have much more important things to do, like taking big decisions and building the hospital.

Balance your next hospital expansion between what the hospital needs and what that is most profitable. Choose the right staff and manage the hospital policies. Do the patients need to be fully healed before the doctors discharge them, or will you discharge them early and get paid?
Send patients through your different hospital examinations and see if you or any of your doctors are able to identify the cause of their symptoms and give them the right treatment. Your doctors and nurses will often try to do their best, but as the hospital administrator, you can always overrule their decisions and modify all your patients’ journals. 

– Sandbox construction
– Hospital management
– Financial reports
– Diseases and treatments based on real life
– Doctors handbook
– Randomized missions

Every patient is affected by a unique combination of symptoms of different strength. Some are more obvious and easy to handle, while others are more challenging. Use the doctor’s handbook as a guide while trying to navigate the complex web of symptoms, illnesses and treatments. 

Avoid malpractice, and become the best hospital administrator in the world!

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We really, really love our community. In our Steam forum, we’ve really come a long way and always try our best to respond to any question or suggestion we get. It has been tremendous help as an Early Acces project to be able to get so much feedback from players. If not our Community Manager, someone will always be there to help, which is great to see and we owe a huge thanks to everyone participating in the forums.


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